Sunday, February 28, 2016

God's Eye Mobile - Elementary School Project

Every year Quinn's school has a Silent Auction and each class is asked to come up with something that the parents can bid on. This year I got to spearhead the project with 2 other moms. I wanted to come up with something creative that each child could contribute to. And then it hit me - I loved making God's Eyes at that age. I made a ton of them and decorated my room with them. So I hit Pinterest and found the idea to make a mobile out of them.

I found most of the yarn at the thrift store (plus parents donated some). I also found the wire mobile frame - used to have butterflies hanging from it - at the thrift store. Armed with all my supplies I headed off to Quinn's school to teach them how to make God's eyes. I was really happy that both the boys and the girls really enjoyed making them.

 My friend Ashlynn wrapped the yarn around the wire mobile frame.

The kid's at school making their God's Eyes. We also had beads available so the kids could add beads to their God's Eyes if they wanted.

Then Ashlynn and I used a yarn + yarn needle to attached the God's Eyes together and to tie them to the frame. I am so happy with the finished product!!

Saturday, February 20, 2016

UnDead Queen of the Sea - Art Doll Assemblage

My 11 year son likes to work on art together - so the other day we brought out a bunch of my bins of collage / assemblage stuff that I've been saving and sat down and brainstormed on collages together. Quinn's is still a work in progress - but I did finish mine...
The process is always interesting - I probably had four different art dolls started in various stages of completion - but all with something not quite right about them. And then BAM something clicks on one of them and you know it's done!
One part baking tin + plastic bird part from the 99cent store + Cranium toy part + vintage doll head....