Thursday, November 29, 2012

Very Vinyl Christmas - Part I

I'm at the thrift store pretty frequently (so I can keep my Etsy store stocked with goodies) and there's always an abundance of vintage vinyl. So this year I decided to challenge myself and see how I could revamp old records into a fun colorful Christmas decoration. I grabbed a couple of the smaller records - 45s, then headed over to the 99 cent store where I purchased a few packages of tinsel and cheap ornaments.

In addition I used a glue gun, a drill, some scrap ribbon and vintage Christmas light bulbs.

The end result! Super fun Christmas wreaths with a retro feel.

1. Grab your record and an electric hand drill and drill a small hole in the top of the record.
2. String your ribbon through it
3. Grab your glue down and glue the tinsel down first. Let cool
4. Arrange the ornaments and the light bulbs where you want them and glue down. Let cool.
4. Hang it!

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