Wednesday, May 22, 2013

The Walking Dead

Zombies are on my mind (again). My husband and I have just finished Season 3 of The Walking Dead and for weeks it has permeated my dreams and subconscious. I love apocalyptic, human nature under a microscope, survivalist television shows / movies and The Walking Dead is right up that alley. So a few weeks ago my son Quinn asked me if I would hang out with him and do art/collage together. I love our crafty time together - so I said sure and started pulling out a bunch of magazines to spark the process. I didn't start out with any particular plan in mind and my method is usually pretty random. I look through my books/magazines and tear out any pictures that interest me, then I go through my cabinet of odds and ends, gathering whatever catches my eye. (for this piece I used vintage earrings, a doll arm, 1950s flashcard, dice from a randy adult game, a mouse trap, paint swatches and cardboard stomach from a children's educational kit). With a little luck, patience and artistic ability I hopefully end up with a finished piece. I can't wait for Season 4!!

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  1. Love this post! I also collect random bits like this, and it makes me excited for when my girls are a bit older and will want to sit down with me and use it to make art.