Wednesday, February 12, 2014

DIY shelf Display with vintage trinkets

So I am pretty excited today! I just bought a fantastic antique couch at the thrift store (and because I'm chatty all the time with the people that work there - she knocked off $50 for me). The upholstery is just amazing - but unfortunately doesn't match our color scheme so I am headed downtown to the fabric district next week to pick out something darker, moodier and in the "bordeaux red" family. But in anticipation for our new living room centerpiece -  I've been playing around with some of the other decorative display items in the room.

This 40s beauty has a few nicks - but I loved her anyway  -- so I took her home, added a fun little silver pom pom sparkler into the vase part and encased her in a glass dome.

I love deer. It's a recurring theme in my art and home decor so I was thrilled when I found this vintage red flocked deer at Goodwill. But alas her tail was broken off - so I replaced it with a gold ostrich feather plume.

Couch make-over photos coming soon!

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