Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Breakfast of Champions. PB+H+DKB

So here's my confession -  I hate peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. I hated it as a kid and I still think it's super yucky. But I love peanut butter and honey sandwiches! I think a love for honey might just be genetic. My great grandfather - Hessel Tacoma - was a honey bee keeper and when I was a child, for breakfast, my mom would make me toast with our family honey and peanut butter. 

And so I have passed on one of my favorite breakfast foods to Quinn. 
And our secret to THE best PB&H (in our humble opinion) is:
1. Whipped Honey! that's a must - Trader Joes or Fresh and Easy have great whipped honey. It's just smoother, creamier and milder than regular honey.
2. TJs no sugar Peanut Butter. Cuz this kid does not need more sugar.
3. Dave's Killer Bread. It's organic, whole grain and non GMO. Plus it's packed with fiber and protein so they aren't going off to school without that energy they need. They have quite a few great varieties - but Honey Seeded Wheat was Quinn's hands down favorite. 
For more information on Dave's Killer Bread - check out the link below.

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