Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Hoity Toity Doily

So when you are an avid thrifter (as I am) you see some of the same vintage items over and over at just about every second hand shop. Things or pieces that used to have real value but we just don't tend to use in modern society anymore. One of these items are doilies. I see doilies everywhere - little, big, round, square, blue, pink, floral, name it. I picture a bunch of little old blue hairs getting together every week to partake in their favorite hobby of tatting while gossiping about the 30 year old neighbor's tattoo, complaining about their arthritis, all over a hot cup of tea and a few slices of spam. I had a Great Aunt Ruth who I really adored and she tatted me the most intricately beautiful crisp white tablecloth for my first official dining room table.  But alas I don't know anybody my age who tats. I have friends who knit and crochet, but taking up those teeny tiny crochet needles seems to be a lost art.

So every once in awhile, through the years, I would see a doily I couldn't pass up. I had no real use for it  - but the craftsmanship and the beauty of it just didn't belong in a thrift shop. So I would lovingly take it home and throw it in a drawer (ha). Until one day I realized I had 20-30 something doilies all just hanging out in a dark linen drawer with nothing to do.

So I brainstormed. I wanted to figure out a way I could use them. And below is what I came up with:

A new tablecloth for my dining room table using my lovely hoity toity doilies.

I placed them on the table in a pattern that I liked and attached them together at the corners with small strips of yarn. Easy peazy.

Then I added a centerpiece! I had the green/gold vintage candy holder in my closet and I filled it with a bunch of 60s floral pins.

I'm happy. The doilies are happy. And I bet my great aunt Ruth is looking down from heaven pleased as punch that I'm putting these lovely labors of love to good use.

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