Monday, October 1, 2012


I love Halloween! And so does my family. We make a big effort to decorate both the front yard (coming soon in the next blog post) and our house. In the house I like to get everyone involved in dressing up for the season - costumes are mandatory! And that includes our taxidermy, stuffed animals, vintage toys and various artwork that's on display. See below for some of the fun disguises I have used to "spook up the crib."

We love Jesus and thinks he must have a sense of humor! So he gets to sport devil horns for his costume.

I found this painting 20 years ago at one of my first thrift store visits after I moved to Los Angeles. I took a piece of black cardboard paper and cut out a bat mask for her.

Would you believe this is a monkey!??

This is Pancho Del Muerte. Even skeletons need a get-up.

Mr. Deer gets a snappy top hat and a wolf snout.

This is a vintage cosmetology head that we painted to look like a zombie and added an morbid Victorian mourning bonnet.

Stay tuned for our Zombie graveyard in Halloween - Part 2.

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