Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Got Brains?

This post is dedicated to Zombie lovers everywhere! A few years ago Mike and I decided it was time to come up with a theme to decorate our front yard for Halloween. It came down to 2 ideas - Meat the Cleavers, a gory ode to June & Beaver Cleaver or a Victorian Zombie graveyard. We settled on the graveyard because it was a little easier to flesh out (he he).

 My husband built the Cemetery sign and the graveyard fence from recycled wood we had.

Then I thrifted a few cosmetology heads and Victorian looking clothing. We have talented friends and our friend Karen Sartario painted Mr. Zombie and Aaron Lyle painted Mrs. Zombie for us.

Last year the week after Halloween I found this 1950s life sized doll. She had to hang out in the garage for a whole year until finally I could get her all zombied up for this year's display. She stares creepily out at everybody from the front of the cemetery.
This little one is another addition to the walking dead family.

And that concludes our Zombie graveyard. Hopefully I'll be able to add another ghoulie ghoul
next year.

Last but not least - I had the opportunity to take my 2 boys on a family zombie walk a few nights ago. Both of my sons had a blast - groaning and lurching down the streets of Glendale. I am always amazed at the ability of children to suspend disbelief and just have fun! I highly recommend it if your city has one!

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