Monday, July 28, 2014

Juice! It's good for ya

I got the opportunity to try a new brand of juice for the kids this summer. And at first based on JUST the packaging I was skeptical. I'm not a huge fan of commercializing food with television/movie characters, because typically that product isn't healthy/has too much sugar/additives etc. However I was in for a big treat - not only does Good 2 Grow juice NOT have extra sugar or artificial colors, preservatives or flavors - it's also NON-GMO!! So once it passed the mommy test of being healthy - I gave it to the kids - and they both love it. Gideon - if I would let him - would drink 10 of these a day.... In fact he's figured out where I've shelved them and tries to sneak 'em.

Now as the mom of a special needs child - I have a few other considerations when giving Gideon a beverage - #1 being that he's not picky about where he puts his cup - even if it's partially full. So I have to always check to make sure I don't have a spill to clean up. The beauty of Good 2 Grow bottles are that not only are they BPA free and reusable - but they are spill proof too! Gotta love that with a messy kid.

I think I've found a new favorite for their lunch boxes!

If you would like more information on Good 2 Grow Juice and where you can purchase it (I got ours at Ralphs), please visit:

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