Monday, September 15, 2014

Down syndrome awareness - Inclusion for Children with Down syndrome

Gideon started 1st grade a few weeks ago and I recently just finished designing/writing a small book for each of his classmates to teach them a little about Down syndrome and how Gideon is more LIKE them than different. I was getting ready to send them off to school to be distributed by the teacher when I found scores of these brand new bendable mini sock monkeys at the thrift store for only $1.00 each. They are just perfect because they have wire inside them and you can bend them into all these crazy positions - just like my super bendy son!
So I grabbed enough for his class and made little tags that read:
Monkey See
Monkey Do
You're Like Me
and I'm Like You!

I packaged both the book and the monkey together in a little gift bag and am bringing them to school tomorrow. The teacher is going to read the book to his class and then pass out the gift bags.

You can view the book online as a flipbook

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