Sunday, January 25, 2015

Best Pancakes EVER!

Short but sweet blog post today. Almost every Saturday we make pancakes for the boys. "We" as in Mike who is our at home chef -  to give him the credit he deserves. Over the years we have tasted and tested tons of pancake mixes (Bisquick, store brand, Trader Joes + many more) and combinations (blueberries, bananas, chocolate chips, etc.) and have found what we think is the perfect pancake combo!!

First and foremost Fresh & Easy's Organic Whole Wheat Pancake mix is hands down the best mix we've ever tried. Then our other little trade secret is Trader Joe's sugar+cinnamon grinder. While the pancakes are baking we grind a little cinnamon/sugar onto it. I like even more cinnamon so Mike will add xtra cinnamon (sans sugar) to mine. The pancakes are sweet enough with the sugar/cinnamon so often times I don't add any syrup - but if you have a real sweet tooth top them off with REAL maple syrup.

Try it - I think you'll like it!

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